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Terms of Service

The Coverstar Wi-Fi Touchpad ™ is designed to automatically send alerts via text or Email, using your home Wi-Fi network. In order for the touchpad to perform as intended, the touchpad unit must be installed in accordance with Coverstar's instructions, be connected to a home power source, and a home Wi-Fi network must be set up and functioning correctly, with a continuous Wi-Fi signal to the pool area. Setup and maintenance of these items is the sole responsibility of the homeowner and failure to do so will prevent the Coverstar Wi-Fi Touchpad ™ from performing as intended. Please note that some home Wi-Fi routers may be out-of-date and may require updated security protocols in order to function correctly. The WI-FI Touchpad utilizes 802.11b/g technology and supports open, WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK authentication technologies. A WPS protocol can be used to establish an easy and secure wireless setup on supporting WPS enabled routers. Alerts can be received using any phone with email and SMS text capability. IMPORTANT: While the Coverstar Wi-Fi Touchpad can be used to enhance a homeowner's information about the pool safety cover, it DOES NOT guarantee safety in or around your pool. Safety covers should remain in the closed position whenever the pool is not use. Latham Pool Products and its authorized dealers and distributors always recommend multiple layers of protection, including parental supervision, fences, safety covers, alarms or other means to prevent access to a pool when it is not in use. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR CONSTANT ADULT SUPERVISION WHENEVER CHILDREN ARE IN OR AROUND ANY BODY OF WATER.